Manuscript Submission

 Online Submission

Manuscript Submission

Before submission, please prepare all the electronic files including the main text, figures, supplementary material and featured image. Please read online instructions for manuscript preparation carefully and follow them closely to ensure the following processes (e.g. editorial evaluation, peer review, publication) as efficient and quick as possible. The editors reserve the right to return manuscripts that are not in accordance with the instructions. 
For initial submission, please enclose a cover letter signed by the corresponding author(s) to briefly introduce the main findings and significance of the work. For revised manuscript submission, please enclose a rebuttal letter to answer the comments from reviewers and editors. After all the required files are ready, submit your manuscript electronically via the online submission website

 Fast & Green Track

Fast Track allows urgent and competitive research to start the peer review immediately after submission. Peer review and decision of manuscripts accorded a Fast Track submission can be completed within 2 weeks.
JMCB recognizes that excellent manuscripts may have been erroneously rejected by other journals after peer review and/or revision. Authors are encouraged to submit such work in the original format, together with the reviewer and/or editorial comments from previous peer review and the rebuttal or revised manuscript, for consideration as a Green Track submission by JMCB, which allows direct decision making based on the previous review.
If authors would like to submit their manuscripts to JMCB through 'Fast & Green Track', please contact the Editorial Office ( with essential materials for an editorial assessment.

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