Production Process

Production Process

In order to proceed further, all the accepted manuscripts are first checked by the in-house scientific editors for format and cohesion, and may be sent back for essential modifications to meet the requirements for publication. Once the ‘First Look’ evaluation is completed, all the manuscript files are forwarded to the production team at Oxford University Press to initiate the production workflow, including copyediting, typesetting, proofreading, publication/indexing/archiving, etc. All the accepted manuscripts will be published online first and involved in one issue later. Authors are welcome to submit candidate cover images for consideration. The following sections provide detailed notes on the key steps for authors.

Step 1 Sign your licence to publish 

In order to publish your article, the corresponding author will be first required to complete an online copyright licence to publish agreement. A link to the online licensing system and instructions on how to select and complete a licence will be provided by the production team at Oxford University Press. If applicable, the authors will be invoiced for article processing charges (APC) as follows: 

  • APC for Research Article and Review: £1900/ $2590/ €2270
  • APC for Letter to the Editor, Application Note and Perspective: £1200/ $1630/ €1428
Step 2 Complete the proofreading

Once you sign your licence to publish, an uncorrected version of your paper will be published online within three working days. In the next two weeks, the production team will send the corresponding author the proofs that should be checked and approved within two working days. All the proofs will be checked again by the in-house scientific editors before the corrected version is published online. Later on, the advanced articles will be published in one issue finally.

Step 3 Promote your published papers

JMCB becomes fully open access from 2019. Open Access articles are always freely available to all readers. We encourage you to be involved in promoting your article. As the authors, you can make a real difference by raising the profile of your research and talking to your peers, the public, and other potential readership. What you do may depend on your research, your field, and how much time you have, but we encourage you to think about how you can support the promotion of your work. If you are interested in improving the visibility of your work more actively, take a look at our recommendations below:

  • Share the link of your published papers with colleagues and friends directly.
  • Share the news about your papers on any social media that you use (such as Wechat, Twitter, etc.).
  • Update your professional and/or institutional websites with information about your article.
  • Include information about your papers in relevant seminars or conference presentations.

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